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Today during Day 2 of the Final Fantasy Fan Event in Tokyo, Square Enix announced a brand-new arrangement album featuring songs from Final Fantasy XIV Online. The album is titled Journeys, and it goes on sale June 10 this year for $39 US...
Published Mar 24, 2019
The 2019 Final Fantasy Fan Fest in Tokyo is taking place this weekend, and one of the main events was a cosplay contest on the first night.Dozens of people participated, and there were some truly remarkable outfits on display.Click throu...
Published Mar 24, 2019
A movie version of the Japanese TV show "Dad of Light," which tells the story of a father and son who rebuild their relationship thanks to Final Fantasy XIV, is in the works for Japan.We're pleased to announce a movie version of "Dad of ...
Published Mar 24, 2019
The next character for Final Fantasy fighting game Final Fantasy Dissidia NT has been announced. Revealed at the Final Fantasy Fan Festival in Tokyo today, the character Zenos from Final Fantasy XIV is coming to the PlayStation 4 and PC ...
Published Mar 24, 2019
Today at Day 2 of the Final Fantasy Fan Festival in Tokyo, Square Enix made a series of announcements about Final Fantasy XIV Online, including the start-date for the game's crossover event with Final Fantasy XV.The crossover event, whic...
Published Mar 24, 2019
Today's Deal: Save 80% on the Serious Sam Franchise!*Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time
Published Mar 23, 2019
Today's Deal: Save 50% on Forts!*Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time
Published Mar 23, 2019
Today's Deal: Save 66% on Steel Division: Normandy 44 and 75% on the Deluxe Edition!*Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!*Offer ends Sund...
Published Mar 22, 2019
Today's Deal: Save 30% on Lethal League Blaze!*Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!*Offer ends Sunday at 10AM Pacific Time
Published Mar 22, 2019
Vampire: The Masquerade® - Bloodlines™ 2 is Now Available for Pre-Purchase on Steam!Sired in an act of vampire terrorism, your existence ignites the war for Seattle's blood trade. Enter uneasy alliances with the creatures who c...
Published Mar 21, 2019
Welcome to Crimson Sky
For over 20 years Crimson Sky Empire (Csky) has been active in the online gaming community, primarily with "Massively" Online games. As a gaming guild Csky gameplay is across the board accepting mature players from all styles of Player vs. Player (PvP) to Player vs. Environment (PvE). We're not the "hardcore" raiders of years past, we're typically the 30+ yr old crowd that likes to win and have enjoyed building lifetime friendships over two decades with casual time commitments and a community that leaves the heavy drama at the door.

Crimson Sky Empire hierarchy is a simple structure, in each game we appoint a new Guild Master (GM) for the duration of time based upon popular vote and ability to execute the role given their availability of time and past performance. The GM can the assign fellow members as officers and recruiters to help expand and meet the goals of the guild in succeeding in each respective game.

The success of our guild has and always will depend on the recruitment of quality new recruits (such as yourself). Crimson Sky Empire has a full amenity package in addition to it's long history and stable membership, including dedicated voice server, forums, dynamic guild website, full game galleries dating back to the 1990's, and more.

If you're looking for a "like minded" mature guild that likes to play worldwide PvP/PvE online games, we welcome you to fill out a brief application and talk to us about joining.

We look forward to seeing you in game,

Crimson Sky Empire


Happy Holidays From Csky

RivenCsky MOD posted Dec 24, 15

Happy Holidays from the members of

Crimson Sky (Csky)!!

Enjoy the video!!!

ArcheAge 2.5 Preview in Forums

Jorral irishdude What has been seen can never be unseen Merry Christmas!!!!
ArcheAge Version 2.0, Build 7.2 Patch Notes -- The Pawesome Autumn Update

The Ocleera Rift Event is now available!
"The Crimson Watch has reported sightings of undead forces and ever watchful eyes in Diamond Shores. The Hateful Ocleera has begun summoning its nightmarish minions..."

Foil the plans of the Aust Followers and claim lucrative new rewards in ArcheAge's newest event! Visit Diamond Shores and battle through waves of undead as you work towards the death of the powerful Hateful Ocleera.

This new rift takes place at 2:00 AM GMT (6:00 PM PST, 3:00 AM CET) and 16:00 (4:00pm) GMT (8:00 AM PST, 17:00 CET) in Diamond Shores! Collect the Revenant Soulstones dropped in the area to create new weapons and armor on the Soulforged Anvil. Please note, adventurers, that Soulforged gear isn't as dynamic as other types of gear. The maximum rank Soulforged can attain through regrades is locked to Celestial.

Greater Dungeons have been unleashed!
"No no no.... that's completely not how I remember that place. That monster was huge! Twice the size! And the treasure we found... it was more than just some shabby legguards!"

Revisit the dungeons of levels past! Sharpwind Mines, Palace Cellar, Hadir Farms, Burnt Castle Armory, and Kroloal Cradle have all received brand new Greater Dungeon versions, new daily quests, and new loot to boot!

For pet-lovers everywhere, you can also now craft new pet armor by participating in these new dungeons. These new pieces of armor are equivalent to the Delphinad tier of power, so don't miss out!

Everything becomes Pawesome: November 13 - November 28
"These animals are in need, Adventurer. They are young, weak, and hungry. Will you take up the call to aid them?"

With winter fast approaching, many of the animals in Erenor are in need of your care! Take up the call to adopt a baby pet, raise them maturity, and you may find yourself with a steadfast companion who's always ready to curl up with you in your home.

General Changes
  • Lil' Sheepie has retired to his sunny Halcyona pasture. Elfred humbly requests that raids no longer barbecue him on sight.
  • The Mirage Weapons have been added to the Proven Warrior's Workbench and can be crafted with Proven Warrior's Medals. These weapons have varying ranks of power to help you catch up as you level, but they also come with a temporary time limit before they dissipate back into the ether.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Guild UI to fail to open.
  • Fixed an issue where a character's durability could fall to 0 after dying in a certain situation.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to type up to the maximum text limit on Guild Notices and Guild Recruiting Notices.
  • Fixed an issue where a fish tradepack's tooltips wouldn't appear during mouse-over.
  • Fixed an issue where the House Sale UI didn't appear correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the appearance of the Crazed Hermit's Jerk displayed incorrectly during certain actions.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to pick up the Prime Weapon Temper when Superior Temporing Burnish was used while the inventory was full.
  • Fixed an issue where a scroll bar appeared incorrectly on the Great Construction Progress UI.
  • Fixed an issue where a character would not receive the "Good Day to Work" buff after sleeping in a bed.
  • Fixed an issue where female Elves and Harani hair color appeared incorrectly during customization.
  • Fixed an issue where some Townhouse and Farm Design names appeared incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where the doors and windows on Solariums worked incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where mouse scrolling didn't work when the cursor was placed on the reward selection area of the Quest UI.
  • Fixed an issue where a players was unable to gain a Guild Quest when six Guild and Merit Quests were tracked.
  • Ships are able to change direction while the Andelph Mistral Rudder is equipped.

This one goes out to Wewt, the last known Archer on the server !!

[REQUEST] Archery is underpowered

Description: Many players have commented that they feel Archery is currently in an underpowered state.

Status: Trion normally does not push or champion class balance changes to XL. Their team possesses members of staff who only handle class and statistical balance, putting them in a better place to measure balance than our team.

However, we have discussed the community's feelings regarding Archery to them, and they have informed us that there are changes coming to Archery in Update 2.5. Currently, we are scheduled to receive Update 2.5 in late January.

Trion will not be making additional changes to the class balance beyond XL's modifications. The current class changes the KR region received will be the same changes we will receive.
Seraphina "Celestrata" Brennan
Senior Community Manager, ArcheAge

Archeage: Update

RivenCsky MOD posted Nov 6, 15

[BUG] Hallowtide: Candy Toss quest does not reliably offer tokens [Updated 11/2]

Description: Player reports have shown that some players are unable to open the Shabby Treasure Chest after the Candy Toss event is completed. This leaves them unable to collect the 1 token that should be rewarded from the quest.

Status: 11/2 Update -- The extra tokens are now claimable, as per the instructions here:http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?246588

After discussing with the team, fixing the bug would take too long and the fix would only come late into the event. Instead, we will providing all players with extra Hallowtide Tokens to compensate for the loss of tokens.

These tokens will be rewarded to players who have been gathering Hallowtide Tokens on their character. The exact number of tokens being offered and the exact number of tokens collected to qualify are still being discussed. This offer will count tokens that have already been collected and spent on a character.

The Hallowtide Token Machine will be unavailable after November 10th.

Some players have pointed out that the festival period will end in both Two Crowns and Solis Headlands on the 3rd. In order to make sure all factions have a chance to turn in tokens until November 10th, we have put in a request to XL to either add the machine to Mirage Isle (preferred) or add a second machine to Solis Headlands. In both cases, the machines will still disappear on the 10th.
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Zzzzz. Thought I would update this!!
Blizzard has another sale going. [link]
Ok. Shame those sales did not come north of the border and the exchange rate is so bad that the US price would basically equal the Canadian price. But good to know more about the game.
It’s a fun shooter but long term play is very Diablo like in grinding for small gear improvements so be prepared for that as it’s not a mmo. Personally I think the $40 GMG deal is a steal for it.
Ok. Riven was attempting to sell me on the game after Seira pitched it to him. I am still debating on taking the plunge.
Be better with a full Crew :-) Does not take long to max lvl and finish story. Does take 2-3 weeks to get your gear up enough to do the 3 man and 6 man raids.
So is Destiny 2 a decent game? I have head mixed reviews on it compared to the first.
Oilers first pre-season game is this coming Monday and I shall be there. Hockey is back! That is all. :)
I seem to have lost the Bleeps, Sweeps and the Creeps..
Pong Pong Pong
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RivenCsky MOD ArcheAge PvP - Fun times on the high seas. Just add the music and we have a party!!
Drowning Pool - Bodies
Music video by Drowning P...
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Introducing Apple Iphone ...
RivenCsky MOD I hear that Acizoo is MIA. I did find some of his followers :)
Acizoo pooped all over me riv but I will have the last laugh muaaaahhhhh
Acizoo riven likes teenage Asian girls that look like the belong in a pokemon cartoon
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RivenCsky MOD The ESO early access countdown begins........
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Arreos Mystery adds spice to life :)