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Elite Dangerous on the Cheap

1 reply
Guild Member
3yr+ Veteran

Only for 3 days, if anybody is keen to join me, happy to be your guide, I have put alot of time into this fantastic game and they keep adding to it!

New ships, and Guild carriers are coming out this year
Posted Jan 18, 18 · OP
Guild Member
3yr+ Veteran
Hehe, at least you get to fly around in your ships and have fun in a published game, unlike some other 'vapor-ware' game called Star Citizen of which it will probably never leave the alpha? beta? test-for-life? stage.

Not too bad of a deal but with the exchange rate it makes it not so pretty. One day the Canadian dollar will be on par again! :p

I am currently playing a lot of NHL 2018 on my Xbox One and slowly going through my back-log of Xbox games. Finished 'Rise of the Tomb Raider' and just started 'Shadow of Mordor'.

Hopefully a good MMO is coming down the pipeline that is worth playing but I have not really kept track of what is all upcoming. A reason why I come here daily to see what is all new! :)

Posted Jan 18, 18