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Merry Christmas

3 replies
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Before I forget and get all tied up in the celebrations I wanted to give everyone here a Merry Christmas wish and a hope for a wonderful future in the New Year.

This past year has been hectic for some, life altering for others and in some cases even life threatening but thankfully all those involved have recovered (or are on the road to) and are able to celebrate this time with families, friends and loved ones.

I know that we are all currently all over the place, playing various games (even games on different systems) but I do find an interesting comfort level whenever we do all get together in one place and play something. Even if months go by, or even years it is fun to see how we all interact with one another as if no time has gone by at all. Sounds like a family to me. :p

I know a few people rarely hit these forums but for those who do, please pass along my wishes to those whom you chat with on discord or play with, within whatever games you are all involved in. Or heck, even tell them to come visit the forums as this is one of the few places that we can keep in contact beyond cell phones and gamer tags.

Hopefully something good will come down the pipeline that will throw as all back into one massive game again and I hope that will come sooner rather than later.

Enjoy the holiday season and again, Merry Christmas to everyone. :)

Posted Dec 22, 17 · OP
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Guild Member
3yr+ Veteran
welll said Tre, well said!

merry x-mas all!
Posted Dec 25, 17
Seira A
Guild Member
3yr+ Veteran
Aye, well said buddy.
:evil: Currently playing: A little Elder Scrolls Online
Posted Dec 26, 17
Guild Member
3yr+ Veteran
Merry Christmas.

Posted Dec 26, 17